Moving to Cloud: An IT Management View

March 2011

Cloud computing simply refers to a model for computing resources (networks, servers, storage, applications and services) provisioned on shared pool of technology infrastructures. Various service models allow deployment of these services independently or combined, transferring most of the system maintenance functions to the service provider. The main prospect of cloud computing is to provision IT resources in a short time and to reduce infrastructure investments with increased reliability and scalability.

Although this concept has been available for a long while, new online business models, reliable and cost-effective network services and matured technologies such as virtualization, grid computing and web-based services have boosted cloud based offerings in recent years. The strong view in the IT world considers cloud computing as the dominating IT sourcing model within the next 5 years. The volume of researches by various agencies and industrial bodies and the amount of recent investments by leading vendors and service providers are strong indicators of this trend.