The Need for Enterprise Architecture

June 2016

Every enterprise has a business strategy that is formulated in terms of business goals and strategic choices. This is driven at the top layer and set direction for design and delivery of business services that are composed of processes, functions and systems. Technology and information systems are true enablers of business services as they provide many of the functionalities at lower layers to form business services. As technology advances rapidly, it opens new business opportunities and provides competitive advantage for those adapting them quickly.

Information systems are built on complex technology and usually grown over time as the needs arise. IT is constantly busy integrating them into the pile of the portfolio and there is always less time to validate the integrity and consistency of them within the IT ecosystem of the enterprise. Complexity can easily be out of control as the continuous growth of IT reveals complex intricate systems where everything appears to be connected with everything and no one knows what happens when something changes, as no one has a clear view of the whole.